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Neighborhood Safety Security Cameras. Stop Non-Violent Crime | Flock Safety
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Flock Safety: Your jurisdiction Increase solvability around crime with infrastructure-free ALPRs in your community..Your neighborhood Join neighborhoods around the country that reduce crime by 30-50%..Your business, school, etc. Protect any area with vehicle traffic with an ALPR camera that stops crime..Capture vehicles traveling up to 55 MPH, day and night, and up to 75 ft away..Leverage solar + battery for power, and cellular (LTE) for data communications, removing any upfront costs..Footage is stored in the cloud, so you can quickly and securely access the cameras from any laptop or phone..Use advanced machine learning to turn hundreds of hours of footage into key images needed by police to make arrests..Avoid the eyesores of traditional security cameras with our USA-designed systems specifically for neighborhoods..Unlike traditional camera systems, Flock Safety updates automatically, so you always have the latest features and the best security..“With Flock, we were able to solve an incident that in any other situation would have definitely been a cold case.”.“Using Flock Safety is by far the best decision I've made as an HOA board member and has far exceeded expectations.”."Flock cameras are...

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