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FinCheck: We help you with everyday financial tasks.We designed a solution to take care of expense reporting. So that employees and individuals will never have to do their expenses on their own again. This solution can analyze data in the same way that a human assistant can and also can gather credit card transactions, compare them with the user's schedule via calendar, and find all relevant receipts in their email and mobile. Join our free trial ».We use advanced machine learning models developed internally, integrated with today's cutting edge leading AI solutions to analyze and make sense of data. We include data extraction, categorization, both of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources..Companies need to track expenses, though 46% of mid-market companies do not use currently a software expense management tool. These companies, much like many others, rely on spreadsheets and emails as a solution. And employees list this as their biggest pain, and use words like “kill myself” “hate with a passion” to describe how they loath to perform this task. We don't want you to feel that way ever again. We are here to help and alleviate that pain..Free up time to focus on important mat...

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