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FarmCrowdy: Earn Profits..Empower Farmers..Join the Revolution and help us achieve our goal of Global Food Security..₦60,000.22% returns in 9 months.₦50,000.14% returns in 6 months.₦50,000.14% returns in 6 months.₦60,000.27% returns in 12 months.16,000+.42,132.11,124.1,700,000.50,311.Farmcrowdy is unique because the ease of convenience and opportunity to participate in agric platforms. It is a great initiative and I would recommend it because of the great business sense..Bukola Dosumu Lagos, Nigeria.A very competent and efficient business that does business with integrity. Their transparency and ease of communication made it easy for me to do business with them. I would recommend them to others because I have been treated well. Word of advice: Don't rest on your laurels..Inih Essien Abuja, Nigeria.I saw Farmcrowdy on LinkedIn and visited the website. Chatted with a customer care representative and I got satisfactory answers to my questions. I am positively loving it and am rooting for them....Go, Farmcrowdy, Go!!!.Regina Blankson Lagos, Nigeria.Farmcrowdy is an innovation that is out of this world. It is unique because of the coordination of its activities and regular update to sponsors. It to...

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