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Faception: Our Technology.Verticals.About us.News & Events.Blog.Contact us.More.Copyright © 2019 Faception.Our Technology.Verticals.About us.News & Events.Blog.Contact us.More....We reveal personality from facial images at scale to revolutionize how companies, organizations and even robots understand people and dramatically improve public safety, communications, decision-making, and experiences...Faception is first-to-technology and first-to-market with proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology for profiling people and revealing their personality based only on their facial image. [ learn about the science behind the technology]..Faception can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases, encode the faces in proprietary image descriptors and match an individual with various personality traits and types with a high level of accuracy...We develop proprietary classifiers, each describing a certain personality type or trait such as an Extrovert, a person with High IQ, Professional Poker Player or a threats...Ultimately, we can score facial images on a set of classifiers and provide our clients with a better understanding of their cust...

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Faception founded in 2014.