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FREY: We believe in better. That starts with a better scent, continues into a better formulation, and ends with a better wash. It’s not just about us though, it’s about our (and your) impact. With our eco-friendly, concentrated formulation, and a tree planted for every order, know that your purchase makes a positive difference in the world..97 out of 100 customers prefer the FREY fragrance to their old detergent.No harsh chemicals, with a blend that's better for you and better for your clothing.Safer for the environment, and a every order plants a tree."Frey makes it so your clothes will disappear. It’s awful. My girlfriend keeps stealing my clothing so she can lay around in them and always have the smell of me around because “I’ve never smelt this good before”. Now I need more clothes. Thanks a lot Frey... ".“Amazing. Went with the starter super skeptical of what I was going to get and not did it slap me in the face. Just opening up the box, the fragrance was overwhelming. It smelled so great, your frangrance is optional! I get a lot of complements and definitely will be back for more! Don’t hesitate, get this!”."Everywhere I go, my friends and colleagues wives and girlfriends are talki...

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