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FEM inc.
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FEM Inc.: Our mission is to serve and empower diverse audiences..........The mission of FEM inc. is to serve and empower diverse audiences by understanding the impact of media/entertainment and technology on society. We focus on the intersection of technology, gender and media through innovative research conducted with strategic partners and thought leaders. Our approach centers on human perceptions, motivations and behaviors - “why” people engage with content and the systemic influence of media and technology on culture and society. We apply this mission in the research that we conduct and in the products we develop, including our video AI venture, Prizma, which was acquired by Nielsen Gracenote in May 2018..The FEM inc. holding company was founded in 2012 with the key insight that media shapes perceptions and public opinion, often with disproportionately negative effects for certain segments of the population, based on their race and gender..We believe that media and entertainment can be critical levers for unlocking human potential. The goal of our research is to generate data and insights that create evidence-based solutions for the media/entertainment and technology industries that can ...

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FEM Inc. founded in 2012.