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Ernit: In a digital world, the value and reality of money’s becoming harder to learn and harder to teach..The ERNIT app makes digital money visual, tangible and fun. And it's the world’s first kids friendly app connected to real bank accounts..Our playful and engaging app make the intangible, tangible..Pocket-money chores become relevant. Goals become as much about the journey as the arrival. And giving has a purpose..What better way to set your children up for the future?.Children learn from what they see and feel and, if it keeps them happy, it keeps them interested..As parent-friendly as it is easy for kids to use, our app means you have the convenience of cashless transactions, while your kids learn just how rewarding saving and planning can be..We’re a group of digital designers, creative thinkers and educational experts, but our product has been rigorously tested by the real professionals: our kids..Granted the seal of approval by the only people who matter, we’ve done our research with a wide range of families, so we know ERNIT works..Do you want to be part of the brain trust? Join our Family Panel.Homepage About Jobs at ERNIT Privacy policy Terms & Conditions.Get the ERNIT-app.Sup...

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