EnvKey - smart, end-to-end encrypted configuration and secrets management
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EnvKey: ENVKEY=p9WYzzHefy33gzgDdvPJ-EKdh4jgBsRBBNerK.+.Don't risk sharing sensitive config over email, Slack, or Google Docs in plain text. Grant access quickly without giving third parties (including EnvKey) unnecessary access. Restrict production secrets to those who really need them, remove access with one click when it's no longer needed, and make it easy to rotate secrets. EnvKey makes strong security the path of least resistance..Manage all your configuration in one place. Stay updated in real-time, and keep both development machines and servers securely, automatically in sync. Simplify developer onboarding, simplify ops, and say goodbye to missing key errors in development, production, CI, and everywhere else..EnvKey has been such a lifesaver for our team at Soundstripe. Onboarding new developers was instantly streamlined as far as environment setups are concerned, and configuring servers has been simplified dramatically. We're hooked!.Our environment variables had been a serious headache to deal with before, but with EnvKey it's suddenly super easy to add new variables or update the values of old ones. I love that it keeps them in sync across all of our production and test servers ...

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