Enertiv - Smart Building Platform & Sub Metering Solutions
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Enertiv: Enertiv is the single platform upon which commercial real estate portfolios manage their building operations.Enertiv delivers a data-first approach to streamlining operational workflows such as maintenance and repairs, energy management, tenant submeter billing, CapEx forecasting, and more....Average Reduction to Operating Expenses.of Additional Asset Value per 1M sq ft.Average Payback Period.From optimizing maintenance activities, to automated sub metering solutions and incorporating data-driven CapEx decisions, see how a comprehensive platform can drive asset value for your portfolio..Better Data.We are not constrained by what data is available through existing systems. We deploy a range of low-cost sensors to capture a unique asset performance data set..Single Platform.We drive asset value by delivering a comprehensive platform for streamlining operational workflows, eliminating waste, and improving the tenant experience..Managed Service.We understand that the best technology is the one you use. We provide a dedicated team of data scientists and building engineers to ensure you hit your goals..Much more accurate fault detection enabled by IoT sensors is creating the possibility ...

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