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Emote: Home.Request Demo.Research & Resources.More.Respond in real-time to student emotional needs and behavioral escalations..Busy shouldn’t mean alone. Our collaboration tool brings your staff of experts together..Support Social-Emotional outcomes with the same data-driven approach as your academics..Admin and teacher Notifications.Insight across all devices.Intervene early & support collaboratively.Student insight before class starts.Closer, more connected staff.Get support when you need it.Share intervention strategies.Fast and student focused.Personalize for whole child growth.Target triggers and root causes.Save time reporting (IEP, RTI/MTSS, BIP).Evaluate school-wide culture.It’s amazing how quickly student behavior improved just by giving our staff an effective way to communicate..Chris M..Head Counselor, Stanbridge Academy.Emote uniquely supports whole-child personalization by delivering real-time culture and student experience data..Stacey W..Director of Personalized Learning, Oakland Unified School District.Emote is a safe and secure way for staff to identify the emotional space and needs of out students. This is the future of behavior support..Jay H..Head of High School.Emote ...

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