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Emailio: Get only the email you need, when you need it. Have more time, priority and focus for the important things in life..Thank you! We will send you an email invite soon..Learn more.If you are like most people only about 5% of the email you will receive today will need your immediate attention..Emailio serves you these urgent emails right away while placing the less urgent ones in a different intrays based on their priority:.urgent emails are placed the Now intray;.emails that you need to check by the end of the day in the Daily intray;.emails that can wait for a while in the Weekly intray..You get notified when an email gets to the Now intray, and you can check the Daily and Weekly intrays on your terms..Emailio was developed in collaboration with Professor Dan Ariely, based on principles of attention, procrastination, and efficient use of time..With insights into how you and other people mismanage their time when dealing with email, Emailio will:.Reduce the number of distractions in your day by up to 90% by categorizing emails into urgent and non urgent..Improve dramatically your efficiency of dealing with email by suggesting the best time to see different emails..Reduce your email load b...

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