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Elemeno Health: Just-in-Time Learning, When You Need It Most | Deliver quality, safety, and reliability at a lower cost
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Elemeno Health: Deliver quality, safety, and reliability at a lower cost.%.Saved 3 Lives and $1.1 Million (an ROI over 10x).%.PPE compliance improved from 70% to >95%.The knowledge-practice gap: Medicine has the ability to save more lives than ever before. Yet, the endless volume of new processes and procedures is simply too much for our frontlines to master..Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. By sharing clinical best practices transparently across professions, we promote consistency: reducing errors and improving outcomes. Click here to learn more..Inefficiencies and waste cost hospitals over $100 billion per year. We help healthcare organizations standardize and scale workflows. We get everyone on the same page– and keep them there. Click here to learn more..Physicians and nurses are suffering burnout at record rates. We use peer recognition and team challenges to acknowledge the value each staff member brings every day, resulting in improved satisfaction and outcomes..Accelerate adoption of strategic priorities. Deploy targeted training, from on-boarding to in-servicing..Collect user feedback, and measure engagement..Transform your practices into on-demand microlearnin...

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Elemeno Health founded in 2016. Elemeno Health is located in san francisco, california, usa.