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EcoG: Providing a customized electric vehicle (EV) fast charging experience through a PaaS for value added services & shared revenue streams.We are a start-up company based in Munich, Germany. We are backed by TechStars and next47 (the independent investment arm of Siemens).We enable value-added offerings to fast EV charging.The EcoG IoT solution has the technology to enable profits over the entire charger lifetime with additional shared revenue streams in EV Charging. Whether you are manufacturing high performance chargers (HPCs), are an operator for HPC or are a site-owner on which premises an HPC is or will be installed, we offer you digital services that generate value beyond the pure charging process. We provide the platform to differentiate your HPC business with value added service..EcoG brings to EV Chargers what the smartphone brought to telephones..An outstanding team, bringing various disciplines together.Jörg, CEO.Dr. Jörg Heuer is a successful leader of "companies within a company" of Siemens Corporate Technology and a thought leader in the EV charging domain.Johannes, CTO.Dr. Johannes Hund is a cloud & IoT architect and developer of great impact within Siemens as well as th...

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