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DroneSeed: DroneSeed works in post-fire environments to plant native trees and vegetation using drone swarms and spray to protect them..Governments, nonprofits, and private land owners contract us as a service provider..Precision aerial planting in forests and rangelands.Eliminate/suppress invasive species that harm trees and wildlife.We provide valuable insights to customers by collecting data in the field..Working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration, DroneSeed has demonstrated the capability to safely and efficiently control multiple unmanned aircraft over the 55lbs weight limit that normally constrains drone operations in the United States..As of this writing, no other drone operator in the country can legally operate with such heavy lift aircraft..The FAA classifies this exception as "precedent setting", referring to the exceptional lengths DroneSeed has gone to prove out its ability to scale operations to larger payloads for multiple concurrent flights..We’re working with commercial foresters to make reforestation more efficient. Offering a one-stop solution, our team of drones plants tree seeds and sprays fertilizer and herbicides to keep trees healthy..Millions of acres of...

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