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Draftbit: The fastest way to assemble beautiful screens and then output clean, reusable code..The fastest way to assemble beautiful screens and then output clean, reusable code..A component for every need..Powerful layout and alignment functionality..See screens live in real code — on your phone..Clean React Native code output..Get a head start with our ever-growing library of highly configurable elements, components, and screens. From the simple to the complex and interactive, our library makes it easy to assemble screens and apps quickly and easily..Building something bespoke? Use the low-level elements from React Native to assemble anything just like you would in code..Drag and drop elements and components, rearrange, align, and configure - all from inside your browser..With our built-in design system, it's easy to create beautiful screens with ease. And because we separate style from layout, you can try out new themes instantly..With live preview on your phone, you can design and build at the same time. Change, add, or configure something and the app updates instantly. No more surprises in production..When the layout is done, you can export clean, reusable React Native code and libraries...

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