Telemedicine for Chronic Illness
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DoseDr: Please check your inbox for the DoseDr brochure.As the rates of chronic conditions escalate, the financial toll continues to soar..That’s nearly 86% of the country’s total healthcare spending, with more than half related to exacerbations and preventable complications..Cardiovascular disease and diabetes alone cost $365.7 billion in direct medical cost..In 2030, this population will double to a total of over 70 million, adding significant strain on the health care system..Managing chronic conditions is complex, requiring actionable insights and proactive care..40-80% of all information is forgotten by patients..Less than 50% of patients correctly remember info & instructions..Three months is the average time a patient goes without seeing a doctor..Thousands of dollars are spent on preventable costs per patient per year..DoseDr is a hands-off solution that connects patients with physicians 24/7 and supplies providers with the documentation required for telemedicine billing..Chat or email to find out how you can improve outcomes, increase revenue and reduce costs..© 2019 DoseDr All rights reserved.

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