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Ding Dong: This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices..Ding Dong - I'm Here! Ping a friend with your location. Have fun! *** "Staying in touch with friends super simple and expressive" © TechCrunch *** *** "It’s a one-tap ‘Hey, I’m here and I’m well’ thumbs-up to your buddies." © The Next Web ***.Version 4.0.Ding Dong is back!.1 Rating.Ding Dong has ended up being a fun app that I have already suggested to friends. It is similar to Snapchat, but has a few more cool features to it. You are able to see where your recipient is at the moment, and how far away they are. You can also give the picture they send faces from the emojis! I thought this was fun. A few things that the app could fix, however, is being able to let us clear our activity feed (it gets a little annoying) and let us write out our messages before the picture sends. Also, the creators could make the app a little more organized. The reason why I say that this app is not for everyone is because of safety issues. You can easily find out where someone lives with this, and if a small child doesn't know any better, it is a recipe for disaster. Other than these few things, I see Ding Dong becoming a successful app and m...

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