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DevCon Ad Tech Security: :.3rd-party JavaScripts can open a window of intrustion for hackers to exploit your site and your audience..EDGE SECURITY.DEVCON technology integrates seamlessly into web page code, providing a last line of defense between an attacker and your users. Block malicious exploits at the page view - without disrupting load times or site functionality..THREAT INTEL.In-depth reporting shows the source of thwarted attacks, the attempted exploits, and the server paths commonly taken to arrive on your site. While no additional analysis is required from you to protect your site, access to robust data about site attacks can help inform your business..AI + HUMANS.DEVCON detects threats by combining automated anti-threat software with cybersecurity researchers to go beyond blacklists. Our technology utilizes comprehensive and precise filtering that can simultaneously avoid false positives and evolve as the attacks evolve..FOR PUBLISHERS.Hackers are coming after your site’s audience - using the ad tech you depend on. Protect your users from ad fraud and preserve your brand’s reputation. Open up new revenue opportunities without risk, and track that revenue to make sure you’re not funding any unsav...

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