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Deep 6 AI - find patients for clinical trials in minutes, not months
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Deep 6 Analytics: 86% of clinical trials fail to recruit sufficient patients, slowing down research, delaying patient access to life-saving treatments, and contributing to rising drug costs. Deep 6 AI applies artificial intelligence to medical records to find more, better-matching patients for clinical trials in minutes, rather than months..Accelerate patient recruitment, getting life-saving cures to people faster.Identify patients who match complex trial criteria in minutes, not months.Bolster your reputation as a patient-centric leader in cutting-edge care.Complete trials faster so you can take on more trials, increasing revenue.Attract and retain better doctors.Lower labor costs related to patient medical record research and evaluation.Refer patients to trials when the standard of care falls short.Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction scores.Give patients access to cutting-edge drugs and therapies with a single click.- 25 days ago.- 25 days ago.- 30 days ago.- 31 days ago.- 33 days ago.- 35 days ago.- 35 days ago.Cohort Builder v3.1 Deep 6 AI’s Cohort Builder is a software tool researchers can use to assi....May is Cancer Research Month so we asked our Chief Oncologist, Dr. BJ Rimel, and our ...

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Deep 6 Analytics founded in 2015.