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Datachoice Solutions Ltd.: A TV dashboard ensures your metrics are front of mind for everyone, focusing teams on what matters now to move the company in the right direction..There’s no ‘one dashboard fits all’ with Geckoboard. Our software makes it really easy for you to tailor TV dashboards for your team..Now we’re using Geckoboard the agents have their hard work acknowledged, the company has a better appreciation for what we do, and everyone is moving towards a common goal..The OKR framework in combination with our live TV dashboards has led to a recognizable change in the mindset of the business. The result has been a sense of calm and complete focus that has delivered results..We’re building a culture where we encourage people to communicate regularly about their progress. The Geckoboard dashboard triggers questions and sparks actionable conversations..Having these real-time metrics on display encourages and motivates my staff to do a better job..Pull in your metrics from 60+ code-free integrations, or freestyle with spreadsheets and our datasets API..Choose which metrics you want to show, and easily fine-tune with a range of visualizations and filters..Easily drag and drop all your metrics to get a grea...

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Datachoice Solutions Ltd. founded in 2010.