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DataSine: Understand your customers better and personalise content at scale with our commercially proven, AI-powered platform..As your customer base grows and more interactions happen online, it becomes increasingly difficult to create a personal customer experience. We created DataSine so that customers could be treated as individuals again..Customer engagement, loyalty and retention are increased..Customers feel more valued and enjoy an improved experience..Automated content creation makes personalisation possible at scale..Discover the person behind your data. Using information that you have collected directly from your customers – for instance on transactions or email engagement – our AI-powered platform provides details on the personality and preferences of each one of them..Are they particularly spontaneous or altruistic? Are they the sort of person that loves being in amongst the crowd? Or do they prefer sitting down with a good book? How and when do they prefer to be contacted?.All of these insights can be accessed either through our platform or your CRM and are continuously updated and improved as more data becomes available..Our platform provides recommendations on how a range of e...

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