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Daitum: self-service decision analytics.Data is the new black. Advances in IOT technology and connectivity mean data is ubiquitous. But business value comes from action, not the data itself. And while predictive data analytics is great, it doesn’t tell you what to do with the insights it generates, leaving the most important part of the business equation unanswered..Decision analytics bridges this gap, turning data into action and automating the answering of the “what should I do” question. With decision analytics, businesses can make smarter more-informed decisions backed by justifiable actions based on their own data. No wonder the experts says it’s the next big thing in computing..Redefine best-of-practice.Make more for less.Agile and robust at the same time.Decision analytics has broad application across many different business problems and industry sectors. Exceed your business goals and realise the true of data by turning it into intelligent action through the power of decision analytics..Gone are the days of bespoke heavyweight solutions, the world of self-service decision analytics is here. Use our cloud-based platform to quickly and reliably solve any decision problem with ease. O...

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