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Cuboh: Time Saving Consolidation.Ditch all of your current tablets and manage all of your online orders on just one easy-to-use interface..Integrate Your Own POS.We send all orders directly to your kitchen printer via your POS regardless of which app they're coming from..Easy to Use Dashboard.See product mix, sales breakdown, payouts, geographical sales, commissions, more in one user-friendly place..No Costly Mistakes.Improve your bottom line: Eliminate costs of human error, decrease food waste, and keep customers happy..Grow Your Business.Our flexible and innovative system allows you to easily add new apps and expand to new markets..Start Automating Your Online Orders.App deliveries are still new and many restaurants are struggling to adapt. Cuboh is a trusted solution that will save you time and money. Our team can have you up and running within one week's time.."Nobody enjoys cheesy reviews so I'll share my Cuboh experience in a very practical manner: it saves an average of 1 minute per online order due to the standardization and the POS automatic input. For 100 online orders per day that's 100 minutes of savings in paid labor costs...That's more than 50 paid labor hours saved monthly....

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