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CtrlWorks: The CtrlWorks Axon® is a perfect system for custom material handling applications and payloads. The Axon system includes our self-navigation software for planned routes in your workplace. It is engineered with a scalable architecture making it an ideal platform for deployment as part of a multi-robot logistic system..Swap payloads off Axon’s customizable mounting plate for all the different needs. Receive end-to-end visibility of Axon’s operation and route with the comprehensive UI. Your workplace can move faster in different environments using varied kinds of sensor packages and accessories customized for your needs....Axon’s small footprint and high torque drive-train gives maximum traction to carry any logistic materials, and enough onboard power available to maneuver out of the toughest situations. Get your logistics moving faster in different environments with varied kinds of sensor packages and accessories customized for your needs..............CtrlWorks is a Singapore company that was founded in 2011. We had an insight that the power of the cloud can be harnessed for advanced robotics. This resulted in the development of CloudNAV – one of the world’s first plug-and-play clou...

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CtrlWorks founded in 2011.