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Crypto Stick: Login to websites (e.g. Google, Facebook) using secure One Time Passwords (OTP), U2F or ordinary static passwords. Login to computers and network services (e.g. SSH) using certificates..Passwords can be either difficult to remember or too short to securely protect important accounts. Traditional password systems have not been able to keep up with the increasing number of accounts needed for various websites nowadays. Passwords should be unique and the same one should never be used for multiple accounts. This renders passwords insecure and impractical to use..Nitrokey aims to replace passwords by utilising the following strong authentication procedures:.One Time Passwords (OTP) are similar to TANs and are used as a secondary security measure in addition to ordinary passwords. OTPs protect against identity theft, which means that if your password is compromised your account is still secured by the Nitrokey. Using a small tray icon application, your Nitrokey generates OTPs which are required in order to log in to configured websites and applications. There is a growing list of websites which can be used with Nitrokey's OTPs. The supported protocol are HMAC-based One-time Password Algo...

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