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Create: Staffing is the primary challenge for accounting firms, which the Big 4, and several Large Accounting firms have conquered effectively by establishing offshore offices..Through Remote Staffing, small and mid-sized accounting firms can now benefit significantly! Remote staffing helps Accounting Firms save up to 75% on labor costs; freeing them from the hassles of compliances, and other related hassles..Much similar to recruiting local candidates, Remote Staff can also be interviewed and tested before hiring, proving that they can perform almost every task required in small & mid-sized accounting firms; except Remote Staff can work from any part of the world!."Gamble and Associates is a full service CPA firm located in Philadelphia. Their president, Damon Gamble’s initial stint with outsourcing did not go well and he was honestly not very happy with the delivered end products. Apprehensive about remote staffing too, he turned towards Entigrity for once. However, he was pleasantly surprised with the interviewing and hiring process, setup and maintaining client relationship. Damon himself was quick to adapt the best practices of working with remote staff and has reaped great results."....

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