CrateDB: Simply Scalable SQL Database for IoT & Industrial Time Series
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Crate.IO: Industrial IoT: beyond traditional time series. Deal with large scale, enriched data, dynamic schema and high concurrency..Distributed, columnar SQL DB with linear scalability, elegant JSON handling, and non-stop performance..SQL cloud service on Azure, integrated with Azure IoT ecosystem. Perfect companion and extension for Azure TSI..Turn-key, full-stack solution enables real-time, data-driven manufacturing for discrete manufacturers in consumer packaged goods..Monitor streams of factory sensor data to optimize output, efficiency, control, safety..Analyze metrics and logs to monitor security, compliance, usage, or billing..Transform society with IoT systems that improve sustainability, comfort, & convenience..Track vehicle locations and system status to improve fleet safety and efficiency..A distributed SQL DBMS built atop NoSQL storage & indexing delivers the best of SQL & NoSQL in one DB..Masterless architecture with auto-sharding & replication. Simple to scale and to keep running, 24x7..Distributed. In-memory. Columnar. Query a firehose of data in real time--time series, geospatial, joins, aggregations, text search,....Schema evolves automatically as new columns are inserted. ...

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