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Corvus Robotics: © 2019, Corvus Robotics, Inc..Home.Contact Us.More.Pallet-rack warehouses gain ROI in labor savings, but also a step-change in better inventory...Aerial robots perform continuous cycle counts up to 20x faster, without human operation. This reduces time to find & correct discrepancies, improving fulfillment and replenishment rates..240,000 sqft site with 1,600 SKUs:.annual writeoff of 3-4%.3 inventory control staff across 2 shifts..With no new infrastructure, existing processes, and just an additional tool, the facility saved $50,000+ in ROI the first month from labor & misslotted inventory...Now imagine that across all of your facilities!.Is your warehouse suitable for drones?.Checklist:.☐ Pallet-racks.☐ Items stored at the pallet or carton level.☐ Items stored one-deep, not multiple-deep.☐ Items are barcoded and face outward.☐ WMS/ERP set up.No infrastructure changes to make.No special barcodes to use.No FAA regulations or waivers.No hidden fees or lock-in contracts -- one simple annual fee..Our pledge: If you’re dissatisfied, cancel and be refunded any unused months...We have a limited number of implementation openings each quarter. Contact us today to find the next slot for a tr...

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