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Cognition IP: Cognition IP is a full-service law firm for those who demand the best intellectual property protection. We are expert IP lawyers with big firm backgrounds who leverage technology to dramatically improve quality and client experience..We are IP lawyers with top credentials from the most selective law firms in the country and with experience representing Fortune 100 companies in their most challenging cases..Based on our years of experience advising companies on IP and advanced analytics, we help you determine what to protect and the best ways to achieve that protection to help your business..By focusing on IP and using best-in-class software, we have developed a highly-efficient workflow that allows us to produce results quickly..We offer flat-rate pricing so that you will never be surprised by your legal bill and can accurately budget for your costs..We provide expert guidance on IP strategy based on years of experience and advanced analytics..Ensure that you have the freedom to commercialize your product and prevent lawsuits before they occur..Protect your brand by working with us on a comprehensive trademark search and application filing..Based on your invention disclosure, we'll...

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