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CodeNow: "CodeNow opened my eyes to different careers I can choose and how much work people put into video games and certain websites. Even for apps I use on my phone every day."."CodeNow opened countless doors for me. They helped me solidify my career path. I'm more sure of my ambitions in technology and combined my love for Computer Science (CS) and fashion!"."During the program, things came together and I got really excited about coding. I did not have much of a direction until CodeNow happened.".Over two weekends you’ll learn how to go from an idea to a full-fledged app that you and other people can actually use. By “app” we mean… type in a URL, click on a page, and see something cool and useful happen. Kind of like the apps you use everyday such as Facebook or Twitter. By the end, you’ll take home your own codebase (to brag about and show to your friends and family), and we’ll provide you with a pathway to continue building and learning how to make new projects of your own..Once you’ve completed the workshop we won’t leave you hanging. Now it’s time for you to set the pace for how often you’d like to practice coding and learn more. We’ll provide you with guidance, mentorship, support, ...

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