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Citus Data | Worry-free Postgres. Built to scale out.
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Citus Data: Introducing Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Read the blog..Citus intelligently distributes your data & queries across nodes so your database can scale and your queries are fast. Available as a database as a service, as enterprise software, and as open source..4 WAYS TO GET CITUS BOOK A DEMO.Just a few months after Microsoft acquired us, Citus is now available as Hyperscale (Citus), a built-in deployment option for Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Now in Preview on THE BLOG LEARN MORE.Hyperscale (Citus) is now in Preview on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Want to know what’s happening as it happens? Sign up and we’ll keep you in the loop..KEEP ME IN THE LOOP.Citus transforms Postgres into a distributed database. And it’s open source. Find Citus on GitHub or download today..FREE DOWNLOAD.Citus is a Postgres extension (not a fork), so you can stay current with new releases, use your familiar SQL toolset, & leverage all your Postgres expertise..Adding nodes to your Citus database is as easy as moving a slider. Plus Citus is open source & platform independent: you can run Citus anywhere..By parallelizing SQL across multiple nodes, Citus delivers insanel...

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