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CheckIO: Here on CheckiO we are creating games for coders. We have made and where you can improve your JavaScript and Python coding skills. We have also created Empire of Code - a space game with a mix of strategy, tactics and coding..In addition to the 50k monthly active Python and JavaScript players, who are constantly improving their skills by engaging in CheckiO missions and analysing other members’ solutions, CheckiO is used in more than a 100 different schools and universities..There are a lot of different ways in which we can assist companies..CheckiO is a great promotional tool for your services. JetBrains and Hired have proven our effectiveness to offer engagement and their services are highly popular among our users..CheckiO is also very flexible and open for new ideas. SendGrid, for instance, with our help is publicising their Python API. A SendGrid island was created as a unique way to test their software with our coders by having them solve missions in the game. As a result of our collaboration, Sendgrid receives thousands of instances tests and crucial feedback on direct use of the product..Are you looking for more JavaScript or Python coders to j...

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