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Cartesian Co: The world's first Desktop Electronics Printer.Print circuits on things.for coffee money. in coffee time..Print Flexible.think antenna.print rigid.old school cool.October 08, 2015.Well we couldn't have imagined it would take 6 updates to get there but we are happy to announce we've nearly finished shipping all batch 4 kits! If you're in batch 4 and ordered a kit Argentum you may have already received a email with tracking details for your kit. If not hang tight, your kit will ship soon..After we complete shipping all batch 4 kits we'll we'll be starting shipping assembled printers. If you're waiting on a batch 4 assembled printer it wont be long now..September 16, 2015.We’ve been making good progress fixing the surprises we found in the main shipment of printer kits, and are getting really close to shipping them out..As we mentioned in our last update, the biggest surprise was the tampering with our packages. Specifically, all the packaging foam was removed and thrown away, so someone along the line could save on shipping costs due to the reduced volume. Who needs foam anyway! Well we do, because the kits will likely break during shipping without it..August 28, 2015.Here's another u...

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Cartesian Co founded in 2013.