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Cargo: Cargo for Drivers.Cargo for Brands.Cargo for Riders.Cargo for Business.Cargo for Investors.Cargo for Uber.Just got my #getcargo Now I can make extra money [while] I #Uber and #Lyft.Cargo has been a blessing! You guys help me pay for my oil change, gas, and new tires. I really appreciate the service you provide..I live in a college town and the students are going crazy over Cargo!.First time I see this #GetCargo Box in an @Uber ride. I just had to head to the site, enter the box number, and then wait for my driver to hand over the free snacks 😂 #Snacks #Foodie #UberRides.My riders are so impressed with the amount of effort I’ve put in and respond through ratings, compliments, and tips. Goals met!.@GetCargoToday I just wanted to find you guys on social media and say thank you so much for adding Joy to my passengers exp. money in my pocket. five-star ratings, tips, and happy comments on my rideshare account.I am now a vending machine on wheels 😂 #cargo #getcargo.Everything Cargo has said they would do, they’ve delivered on. My ratings have gone up, my tips, have gone up, and I’m making more money! The bright shinning box is like a magnet every time people get in the car. Passengers ...

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