CareMessage - Patient Engagement for FQHCs
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CareMessage: The rising use of mobile technology in underserved communities presents an enormous opportunity to educate patients in need..CareMessage uses text messaging to connect with patients at scale..With over 70% retention rates in our programs, our team has built the expertise to reach and engage underserved populations like never before..A FQHC in Southern California messaged 51,784 lapsed patients. 11,943 called to schedule an appointment..A single text message was sent to 3,085 female patients. 846 scheduled a Cervical Cancer Screening within a month..In a randomized study, patients in the CareMessage program lost 7x more weight..A free clinic in North Carolina filled their mammogram appointment slots in 3 days..For a Health System in Texas, Childhood Immunizations rose from 62% to 80%..From your first message to helping evaluate your success, we will be with you every step of the way..Our system can detect if the phone number provided is in fact a mobile or landline number and can help you optimize your messaging to reach patients how they want to be messaged..Our programs are written and reviewed by clinical staff and are designed to address holistic mental and physical health. They...

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