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POKKT enables consumers to discover new products and services by providing contextual and personalized ad experiences on mobile devices.
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Caramel Marketing: POKKT, India’s and SEA’s leading smart phone advertising platform for mobile games, has released a report, titled ‘The Power of Mobile Gaming in India’, offering the latest data and insights on mobile gaming trends in the country..POKKT is a leading mobile video advertising platform in India, South East Asia & MENA with a strong focus on rewarded Video Ads within Mobile Games..POKKT works with top Brand Advertisers and connects them with the right audiences using highly targeted prime time video ads and engaging interactive end cards..POKKT works with global Game and App Developers with inventory in India, MENA, South East Asia and helps them monetize their rewarded ad inventory..Premium Programmatic Mobile Ad Exchange. Real-Time Advertising Exchange For Mobile Publishers & App Developers..POKKT brings a wide array of offerings in the advertising and monetization space, thus creating true value in the ecosystem..Full-screen only, high engagement opt-in video ads.Location, Device, Demography & Interest targeting with Capping and Day-time parting.Live dashboard analytics to measure campaign performance.Engross audiences with post-video interactive End Cards.Android, iOS, Windows: Uni...

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