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Caper: The Cart.Caper Interface.Request For Demo.Blog / Press Release.Jobs.More.Checkout Made Easy..Just toss it in, and leave..With our next generation smart self-checkout cart, powered by deep learning & computer vision, items are instantly detected as they enter the cart. Customers can just toss the items in & leave the store..As Seen On.Currently Deployed Version.Scan.Scan the item barcode, and simply add it to the shopping cart. No app download necessary..Pay.Once you have completed shopping, pay directly on the cart, with credit/debit or mobile payment..Go.Remove your bagged items from the cart, skip the cashiers, and be on your way!.Interacting with Customers.Our Retail Partners.Interested in a Demo? Contact us!.Feel free to message us with any feedback and/or questions! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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