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Canary Technologies: Ensure PCI compliance at your properties and improve the guest experience by bringing paper processes online with Canary's suite of hospitality solutions..Canary’s Digital Authorizations are vastly more secure than paper forms, preventing chargebacks and fraud. They can be set up and ready to use in less than 20 minutes..Hotels using Canary’s Digital Contracts see their turnaround time decrease from an average of eight days to just three hours, enabling them to book more guests and grow their business..Canary’s Amenity Store solution makes ordering simple and intuitive for guests, and the online store is easy to incorporate into your standard booking flow. Hotels using Canary see a 40% increase in the number of orders placed..Pinnacle Reduced Chargebacks by 30–85% Across Their Portfolio with Canary.How Classic Hotels & Resorts Gets to 100% Security Compliance with Canary.Hyatt Regency North Dallas Reduced Chargebacks by 60% and Fraud by 82% in One Year With Canary.“Genius. Digital. Invaluable. Canary’s technology is better and more hotel-friendly.”.“The Canary solution is simple and powerful. It provides exactly what we needed at our hotels, without being an overkill (...)”.“Genius...

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