BREWPUBLIK - Full-Service Alcohol Solution
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BrewPublik: "BREWPUBLIK changed the beer game for us. Having access to thousands craft brews, including many from the local SF area, has been a big win for our weekly 'Tappy Hours'!".BREWPUBLIK has consistently shown they are masters at beer selection and customer service- it feels like our company has an in with expert craft brewers who tailor our on-tap beer selection to our particular tastes..While I would normally disregard any service that claims to be the "Pandora of X" out of principle, BREWPUBLIK is the exception to the rule. As soon as each delivery arrives, a group of us greedily surround the box to go through whatever surprises have been sent to us. There have been some amazing winners and even a few losers, but there's never ever disappointment. Who would have thought you could make beer drinking even more enjoyable!

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