BorrowMind is a marketplace for design reviews and opinions from top designers
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BorrowMind: BorrowMind helps businesses get design reviews from top design experts to validate their design, uncover product blindspots and biases, and take their products to the next level. We have helped customers get design improvement insights directly from experts who have designed for Apple, Instagram, and Shopify to boost conversion rate, improve retention, uncover usability issues, and check for cross-cultural design. === A typical software development has multiple processes and best practices to ensure quality delivery - from code review, Quality Assurance testing, to getting external expert helps such as security audit, DevOps specialist, and architecture consultant. Yet most companies do not have a similar level of rigour in their design process. In most cases, key design decisions are made in a black box, between product owners and designers, sometimes with neither party having the right domain-specific product knowledge. What ends up happening sometimes is these companies ship a technically-solid product, but due to the lack of the right design expertise, the product has design blindspots and deal breakers that fail the product. At BorrowMind, we have a battle-...

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