We're on a mission to eliminate heart disease.
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Bodyport: Bodyport’s novel sensors are embedded in a smart scale form factor to detect cardiac signals through the user’s feet. In under 20 seconds, Bodyport™ provides the most important metrics for cardiovascular disease: weight and a broad spectrum of cardiac biomarkers..Beautiful, intuitive hardware that makes acquiring cardiac data easier than ever..A complete picture of a patient's health with metrics that matter: weight + broad spectrum cardiac biomarkers..Bodyport’s clinical dashboard tracks each patient's health status relative to their individualized baseline..A fund, a studio, and people who really know how to make things..Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups..The first venture fund dedicated to digital health..Community-based venture firm for hardware startups..Initialized Capital: Initializing a new generation of tech companies..To learn more about partnership and pilot opportunities with Bodyport, contact us at check out our job openings, click below..© Bodyport™. All rights reserved | Read our Terms and Conditions

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