BlueCargo - Predictive Algorithms for Port Operations
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BlueCargo: B l u e C a r g o.PREDICTIVE ALGORITHMs FOR PORT OPERATIONS.BlueCargo brings visibility to optimize operations in container port terminals.Achieve up to 50% savings in operational efficiency..PREDICTIVE INTELLIGENCE.Our proprietary predictive algorithms match truck appointments with the state of yard to increase terminal’s productivity and create peel-off conditions while enhancing the quality of the service...YARD PLANNING..Yard planning is time-consuming, costly and often inaccurate...Our platform can connect to any source of data and automates intelligent planning decisions through custom integration with any of the terminal systems. It is easily configurable and can integrate new terminal layouts..HINTERLAND INTEGRATION..We connect terminal operators to drayage carriers and deliver smart appointments reducing the number of unproductive moves and matching carriers' constraints..CASE STUDY..After having analyzed terabytes of shipping data, we have discovered that terminals lose a massive part of their productivity due to unproductive moves. We calculated that implementing BlueCargo's appointment platform represents a 30% cut in reshuffling-related costs, representing themselves 3...

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