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Blind Tiger Communications: Wireless Cyber Security against Phones and Drones.Interception and Identification Not Jamming Security against Phones, Drones: For government, public, private companies who need a ‘1-Click’ web based wireless command, control and communications solution implementing wireless cyber defense (phones, drones) in vital areas such national infrastructure/critical infrastructure, military, prisons, research and development laboratories. Blind Tiger Communication offers a wireless cyber-security solution which detects, identifies and manages wireless device access across all cellular(2G/3G/4G+), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies in one system without the heavy infrastructure where all you need is to apply power and watch it self-configure then operate without the need for a wireless subject matter expert knowing you are protected - rest assured. In its simplest application, a communication umbrella is created around your vital area allowing mobile devices that are vetted by your company access to the wireless network and work unimpeded (Cellular/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) while denying nefarious (Phones & Drones) devices access to the network all while under the Blind Tiger security umbrella..Providi...

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