Adaptive streaming video infrastructure encoding and HTML5 player
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Bitmovin: Bitmovin API based products help developers around the world solve the most complex video problems with cloud native software that runs anywhere..Find our offices in San Francisco (HQ), Netherlands, Austria, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, New York, Seattle and Chicago..We believe that future video infrastructures in today's ever changing video market need to be software defined and decoupled from dedicated hardware to allow companies to stay agile and adapt quickly..Bitmovin API based products are designed for cloud native workflows that can run anywhere, on any hardware and can be adapted to fit your workflow..Bitmovin products are improving on a continuous basis with an engineering team that iterates quickly to provide you access to the latest technologies..Bitmovin builds innovative and powerful solutions for video workflows that help technology companies around the world to generate more revenue while saving money by building their business based on Bitmovin products..We believe that bad quality video experiences are rooted in the implementation and not in bandwidth problems..With our API clients it's easy to start your very first encoding. We provide clients for different programming l...

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Full Stack Engineer – Analytics Klagenfurt - Engineering @ Bitmovin

Doctoral Student Position within the Christian Doppler (CD) Pilot Laboratory ATHENA Klagenfurt - General @ Bitmovin

Software Engineer for Test Automation Klagenfurt - Engineering @ Bitmovin

Internship Finance Department Klagenfurt - Finance @ Bitmovin

UI/UX Designer Vienna - Product @ Bitmovin

Software Engineer – iOS Vienna - Engineering @ Bitmovin

Software Engineer – JavaScript Vienna - Engineering @ Bitmovin

Sales Development Representative Chicago, Illinois, United States, Wien, Austria - Sales @ Bitmovin

Software Engineer – Solutions Denver, CO - Solutions @ Bitmovin

Product Manager, Player US - Product @ Bitmovin

Internship – Diploma or Bachelor/Master/PhD Klagenfurt, Vienna - General @ Bitmovin

Customer Success Manager Vienna, London - Marketing @ Bitmovin

Accountant New York, Klagenfurt, Vienna - Finance @ Bitmovin

Account Executive Vienna, London - Sales @ Bitmovin

Product Owner, Player Austria - Product @ Bitmovin

Support Engineer – EMEA Klagenfurt, London, Vienna - Support @ Bitmovin

Software Engineer Mobile Vienna, Klagenfurt - Engineering @ Bitmovin

Software Engineer Klagenfurt, Vienna - Engineering @ Bitmovin

Digital Marketing Intern Klagenfurt - Marketing @ Bitmovin

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