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Berbix: An easy and secure way to collect and instantly verify photo IDs..Selling goods online that have age restrictions? Berbix makes it easy to do an instant photo ID check to ensure your customers are 18+ or 21+..Be confident that you're screening the right identity. Berbix lets you rely on the full legal name and date of birth from a photo ID to ensure users aren't providing fraudulent information..You don't think twice about a cashier asking to see an ID for large purchases. Berbix helps marketplaces and ecommerce platforms deter fraud by performing that same ID check online..We focus on the details so you don’t have to..Drop a few lines of JavaScript on your site to start verifying IDs..Configure the verification level, add additional checks, and customize the look and feel..A RESTful API to instantly and securely fetch the data you need..© 2019 Berbix Inc.

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