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Bear Flag Robotics: Bear Flag Robotics is developing self-driving technology for tractors and implements. Our mission is to lower the cost of farming through automation..We're putting the power of automation in the hands of growers.Bear Flag software autonomously plans and executes routes using state of the art perception sensors and robotic actuators.Growers that invest in automation today will see real efficiency gains and cost savings by multiplying the power of their human resources..Investment in autonomous technology can return up to 75% of existing tractor driving labor costs. Optimized path planning and implement control that minimizes overlap and input usage can save up to 20% of inputs during operations..Bear Flag tractors are designed to be deployed as a fleet and controlled by a single supervisor. One supervisor to many machines, operating day or night means more productivity and more output for critical and time-sensitive operations..In the US tractor related accidents continue to be the leading cause of farm worker fatalities. taking the human out of the cab reduces the risk of injury or death on the job and increases overall job satisfaction..We love talking to growers and are taking pi...

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