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Bannerman: Bannerman has the largest and highest-rated contract security guard network in the industry. In the security world, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, too many security providers sacrifice professionalism and quality. We make sure that every security guard is screened, licensed, insured, and certified. Experience the difference with Bannerman..Bannerman brings software and technology to an age-old industry. Now everything you need is under one unified security platform. Managing security has never been easier..“Everyone under our roof feels safe and we appreciate Bannerman for the professionalism of their security officers. We now have peace of mind in a world where that can be hard to come by. Bannerman has been the best local security provider we could have asked for.”."We are extremely happy with the support and help from Bannerman. Our security officer has been phenomenal and my team is so grateful to have him patrolling our two properties here in San Mateo. We LOVE our guard’s reports and are so happy we went with Bannerman as our security partner!"."We brought Bannerman in and it solved 95% of our security problems. They are our safety net in knowing that our building i...

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