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Balloonr: Balloonr is a platform — based on science and research — to address how humans actually share information and make decisions. Accelerate time to wisdom, debias decision-making, and establish an idea meritocracy..Balloonr helped by making it so votes did not influence each other. If you see the CEO vote for something, then a lot of other people are like, 'OK well, I'm going to vote for that too.’ Or if the CEO anti-votes, if you see that, you're not going to vote for that, even if you might feel passionate about it. That type of influence was completely removed..We were shocked by the ‘humanness’ of the information shared on Balloonr - the amount of new thinking. We would have never been able to get this level of insight..Once you use Balloonr, it is impossible to imagine doing things the old way..In literally an afternoon, we agreed that we were going to use Balloonr, and we were up and live within 2 hours. Thanks in part, to the great support of the Balloonr team. My favorite thing about Balloonr? I get vetted information and ideas in which I have a high degree of confidence because of a level-playing field, strong participation and engagement, and a bias-free process built on sci...

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