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Aumet: Gain access to 50,000 medical manufacturers that you don’t normally meet at trade shows and exhibitions..Sign up as.Sign up as.Aumet plays the role of a partner to distributors, helping them find the right products and sign exclusivity agreements. Distributors work directly with manufacturers; making payments and signing agreements. Distributors are not charged any fees by Aumet for the services provided, we only charge the manufacturers..Great sales is a great indicator, Aumet asks for Audit Balance Sheets to verify annual sales. -Percentage of sales globally to locally helps understand the manufacturer's capacity for exportation. Sometimes we consider new & patent products..Aumet requires free sales certificates to assest the products and compare them to international quality standards, Aumet also considers the manufacturing origin of the product..Aumet gives a big advantage to manufacturers with FDA and CE mark and other certificates, which gives an advantage to speed up the registration porcesses..Reasonable prices are always a concer for Aumet to select a manufacturer, but Aumet realizes how to select product depnding on whether they are quality or price sensitive..Great sales...

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