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Attentive: Save time on tasks that can be automated. Attentive helps your team use their time on what really matters: selling..Data is your most precious asset. Keep your pipeline up-to-date and make your CRM the single source of truth for your sales teams..Attentive helps you make your team's life easier (at least as far as CRM goes). By simplifying the way your team interacts with CRM data, you'll see a much happier and productive team emerge..Just a couple of clicks and it's done.Checking your data health to help you get the most of your CRM.Take action and intervene in critical areas.Use Attentive insights to get ahead of the game.Useful for those seeking a quick overview of their pipeline, regarding last month's data..A quick run through the numbers: deals and conversion rate..With a quick snapshot of your Stale Deals and Average Response Time, you can get your team back on track!.How much money are you making per day? Useful when you want a boost don't know what to tackle first..Overview of key team metrics, as well as who was the most productive team member last month..Make the most of your CRM with Attentive. Check how healthy your CRM is, if there's incomplete or missing information,...

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